International RCM certification

International RCM certification.

The European Reliability Centre is an official member of the International RCM Certification Committee (IRCC).

About IRCC.

IRCC is a foundation of a group of RCM Level 4 examiners. This group is monitoring the quality of RCM certification for RCM Levels 1-2-3-4 according to the RCM standards SAE JA1011 & SAE JA1012.

IRCC works independant for all RCM trainers around the world.

RCM Level 1:
RCM workgroup member.

  • is able to explain the RCM standaard (SAEĀ  JA1011)
  • has a global understanding of the RCM terminology
  • has a global understanding what is needed to execute a RCM study
  • is able to work in a RCM workgroup
  • this level is achieved in 3 days Level 1 training with an online examination.

RCM Level 2:
RCM facilitator.

This level is able to manage multiple RCM workgroups and responsible for the quality of the RCM project deliverables during RCM implementation.

  • has a detailed understanding of the RCM standard SAE JA1011 and SAE JA 1012
  • is able to manage multiple RCM workgroups
  • is able to explain all RCM terminology with the interactions between them
  • is able to use and explain how RCM based methodologies for low critical systems have to be executed
  • is able to control and manage the quality of a RCM study level.
  • this level is achieved in a Level 2 training
    • phase 1: 10 day theoretical RCM training with online theoretical examination.
    • phase 2: deliver at least one RCM study + present the results for a 2 person IRCC examination committee.

RCM Level 3:
RCM tutor for Level 1 and Level 2 trainings.

Coach for Level 2 during RCM implementation.

  • has at least 2 years experience as a RCM Level 2 facilitators / RCM Master.
  • has effectively coached at least 2 Level 2 students with an RCM implementation.
  • is able to develop RCM training for RCM Level 1 and Level 2 students.
  • this level is achieved after a 3 week RCM Level 3 training. The delegate has to organise a Level 1 and a Level 2 training where the IRCC examiners have access to.

RCM Level 4:

Member of the International RCM examination committee (IRCC).

  • The IRCC examiners are able to introduce any RCM Level 3 (tutor) to become an RCM examiner (RCM Level 4).