New training courses:

August 2022

Finishing preparations and startup of Chinese RCM training courses.

Executing DORA Spare Part Module.

July 2022

Starting up preparations of Chinese RCM training courses for Q3.

Starting up preparations for spare part module DORA Software.

June 2022

Holyday period. Slowing down, taking a beer and enjoy life.

Starting up DORA in Brazil and Peru.

Starting up RCM training courses at Schiphol for European attendees.

May 2022

Start 2 Dutch RCM training courses.

Start RCM trainings in Indonesia.

Finishing some details of the migrations and cleaning up old server databases. Implementing DORA Software in USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada.

April 2022

This month we will migrate DORA Software. This month is full of preparations to make sure the migration at the end of the month is succes ful.

This month the Chinese translations of our training materials has an important milestone. We will finish the RCM Book, JA1011 and JA1012. The translation planning is going as planned.

March 2022

This months is full of Dutch RCM Level 1 and Level 2 training courses.

February 2022

Training courses USA finished and attendees had a score of avg. 92%. We started the RCM analyses which will take until end 2022.

January 2022

Start RCM training courses in USA and start executing RCM analyses.