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Update June 2023

Introduction of RCM Level 2a. This is the RCM review facilitator level.

The review facilitator finished the RCM Level 2 theoretical training and exam, but still has to deliver a full RCM Master Project. This review facilitator is guided by RCM facilitator(s) to get more RCM experience. When the RCM Master Project is accepted by the examiners, (s)he becomes RCM Facilitator.

Update May 24, 2023

Average review scores RCM Level 1 training Surabaya Indonesia.

Average review score RCM Level 1 training Halmstad Sweden.

Average review score RCM Level 1 training Nyborg Denmark.

Average review score RCM Level 1 training Dubai.

Finished trainings 2023

  • Dubai
  • Nyborg Denmark
  • Halmstad Sweden
  • Surabaya Indonesia

RCM Level 1 trainings planned for 2023:

  • Kenia Africa
  • Rome Italy
  • Barcelona Spain
  • Koln Germany
  • Ostroleka Poland
  • Pandaan India
  • Istanbul Turkey
  • Online training Brasil

RCM Level 2 trainings:

  • An online RCM Level 2 training is started when 4-6 students are available.
  • RCM Level 2 trainings are normally 3-4x/yr organized.