Dutch RCM trainings.

  • RCM Level 1
    • Gorinchem, 27-28-29 Februari 2024
    • Zwolle, 11-12-13 Juni 2024
    • Maastricht, 10-11-12 September 2024
    • Amsterdam, 10-11-12 December 2024

English RCM training.

On March 25 the RCM Level 2 training starts. This is an online training for RCM facilitators and RCM evaluation facilitators. It has 13 online sessions. The RCM Level 2 exam is plannend on April 18 and before August 25 the RCM Master Project must have been sent to the examiners.

Update: February 1, 2024

We are proud to inform our market of the following collaboration. From today, European Reliability Centre (ERC) B.V. and Viergever P.I.M. will act together to support our customers in training, implementation and consultancy of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Quick Maintenance (QM) and DORA Software. 

Check our sites and for the latest information.

Soon we will offer an interesting DORA solution for all who want to reduce cost and risk and optimize maintenance programs.

January 15, 2004

Today 20 years ago, John Moubray died. He was an inspiring man, helping others to understand the logic of reliability by managing failure behavior. He inspired me and many others. His name is still coming back in RCM-trainings, RCM-implementations and in the evaluation committee G11 of SAE. The G11 committee evaluate the JA1011 and JA1012. When you check the worldwide RCM-standards JA1011 and JA1012, you still see parts of his hand and examples he used in his trainings.