Is your maintenance plan in control?

Welcome to the European Reliability Centre (ERC).

We are a dutch company and we deliver training and software to customers worldwide, who want to stay in control of the failure behaviour of their production processes.

MPE indicator

MPE indicator

Maintenance influences the failure behaviour. Professional maintenance programs are built to influence the actual failure behaviour and continuously monitor and optimise the maintenance programs to maintain production goals, safety, environment, assets, knowledge, procedures, culture, quality.

We are specialised in Reliability-centred Maintenance. In our trainings we teach the delegates about 3 methodologies to develop maintenance concepts for high – medium – low critical production processes:

  1. RCM (Dynamic Reliability-centred Maintenance)
  2. ODM (Object Driven Maintenance)
  3. QM (Quick Maintenance)

These maintenance concepts are nested to maintenance plans and are periodically updating the maintenance programs in the CMMS.

Maintenance programs are never finished. Many factors influence the efficiency and failure behaviour of processes through the years. So professional maintenance plans must be maintained too. Dynamic production processes need dynamic maintenance plans.

We have the people with knowledge, experience, methodologies, trainings and software for you to “Become Better Each Day”.

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