JA1010, JA1011, JA1012 update

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is used worldwide. Any proces may be called an “RCM Proces” when the minimum requirements of the JA1011 are met.

To execute RCM, the RCM Guide (SAE JA1012) is very helpful. We use the standards in all our RCM trainings. The RCM standard are available on https://www.sae.org

Rik Plattel

Our college Rik Plattel (Director of European Reliability Centre (ERC) B.V.), is member of the SAE committee to periodically evaluate and update the worldwide accepted RCM standards SAE JA1010, JA1011 and SAE JA1012.

May 19, 2022, the evaluation committee starts a new evaluation project of JA1010, JA1011, JA1012.

If you have any comments, remarks, questions, solutions, bugs or anything else to report about these standards, let us know and Rik will communicate it with his colleges from SAE.

Please sent us all you want to share about the RCM standard.