DORA accounts for International companies (Outside Netherlands)

DORA users can pay for a DORA account on this page.

Please take you select the correct user account. In case the wrong account is selected and payed, the money is transferred back to you.

We will contact you to check for which DORA instance you want access. For some customers we need acceptance form the company superuser to add an account.

About your VAT number.

Companies outside Netherlands must add their VAT number to exclude 21% VAT.

Named account

A DORA account is a personal account. This person must be RCM certified and the certificate number must be entered during the payment process. When payed, the certificate number is being checked before the user receives login details.

For some DORA instances we need the approval of the company DORA superuser, before we sent login details to the new user.

Select payment option

Level 1 account:

DORA Level 1 account (International)
€ 395,00


Level 2 account:

DORA Level 1 account (International)
€ 840,00