DORA accounts for International companies (Outside Netherlands)

DORA users can pay for a DORA account on this page. The next working day, they will receive an invitation to enter DORA with their own personal account.

About your VAT number.

Companies outside Netherlands must add their VAT number to exclude 21% VAT.


QM = Quick Maintenance
RCM = Reliability Centered Maintenance
QM and RCM are methodologies to develop maintenance plans in order to reduce costs and risks and optimize quality, safety, health, environment and efficiency with highly effective maintenance plans.

QM is used for low-medium critical systems. RCM is used for high critical systems. QM analyses can always be upgraded to RCM analyses in the future.

DORA QM is the basic DORA with the Quick Maintenance (QM) methodology. It is used to evaluate or optimize existing maintenance plans, maintenance contracts or develop new maintenance plans from scratch.

DORA Pro is the full version and includes QM and RCM modules. The RCM module is specifically developed for RCM facilitators and RCM workgroups. RCM facilitators have a Level 2 account and RCM workgroup members have a Level 1 account in DORA Pro.

Key-users vs. additional users

The key-user is often the first DORA user in a company. The key-user had a special training to understand all DORA details and is also able to train additional users with or without our assistance. The key-user is the user who can contact our helpdesk and is the first line of help for additional users.

DORA QM users

Anyone can use DORA QM. QM users do not have to be certified. The key-user training is online and takes 3-4- hours.

DORA QM Key-user account:

Int. DORA Pro key-use account (Outside Netherlands).
€ 1970,00


DORA QM additional accounts:

Int. DORA Pro additional account (Outside Netherlands).
€ 985,00


DORA Pro users

Any DORA Pro key-user must be RCM Level 2 certified.
DORA Pro additional users must be RCM Level 1 or Level 2 certified.

The key-user online training for DORA Pro is 3-4 hours.

DORA Pro key-user account:

Int. DORA Pro key-user account
€ 2970,00


DORA Pro additional accounts:

Int. DORA Pro additional account (Outside Netherlands).
€ 1485,00