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RCM facilitation

Welcome at the European Reliability Centre (ERC). ERC is a dutch company working worldwide. Our passion and mission is to improve knowledge about maintenance concepts and maintenance plans in education, consultancy and industry and assist them in doing better, each day.

Our netwerk of facilitators and trainers, assist companies worldwide with executing maintenance analyses. They are trained by John Moubray himself, have lots of experience with RCM analyses in many different industries like food, non-food, chemical, nuclear, mining, defense, oil and gas, pharma, …

RCM is by far the best approach to develop and optimize maintenance concepts and plans. Our facilitators have more then 20 years of experience with facilitating and training.

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RCM software

RCM software DORA

For those who have the knowledge and only need software to do the job, let us know. We offer DORA software for maintenance analyses projects. You only need an internet connection.
DORA helps you doing Maintenance analyses the right way. The software facilitates the facilitator and workgroup doing the right things in the right order. It assist using the right checklist at the right moment and it checks if you execute RCM according to the international RCM criteria (SAE JA1011 and SAE JA1012). DORA also helps you selecting the interval calculations and filling in the right data.

In DORA you are able to choose the best methodology needed for the job. DORA has 3 methodologies:

  • Dynamic RCM for high critical processes
  • Object Driven Maintenance for medium critical processes.
  • Quick & Dirty Maintenance for low critical processes.

It is always possible to use a higher methodology.

Maintenance concepts of these 3 methodologies can be nested to maintenance plans and exported to SAP PM, Maximo, Ultimo, JD Edwards, or any other CMMS.

When do you need DORA?

  • you want to lower your maintenance cost
  • improve availability, reliability and cost effectiveness
  • secure knowledge in your company for training purposes and maintenance concept development
  • decrease unplanned downtime
  • increase quality
  • increase process knowledge
  • decrease the amount of failures

DORA software is a development of European Reliability Centre. More info about DORA can be found on