OTUK_NL01 Engelstalige Online RCM Level 1 Training (Voor Nederlandse studenten).

European Reliability Centre (ERC) B.V. in the Netherlands, offers online RCM (Reliability-Centered Maintenance) training and certification in English.

We have been providing training courses since 2002 and have expanded our e-learning courses in 64 countries. Up to and including Chinese.

This UK training is also available in The Netherlands.

The average exam score for RCM Level 1 is 92% and for RCM Level 2 it is 94%.

Online RCM Level 1: RCM workgroup member

The Online RCM Level 1 training course offers 14 modules including an exam.

The training contains:

  1. Online RCM Level 1 manual. All RCM steps are described in detail here.
  2. Selecting RCM analysis, system boundaries.
  3. Setting up an Operational Context and describing RCM Functions.
  4. Defining Functional Failures, Fault Forms and Fault Effects.
  5. Formal approval of an FMEA.
  6. The RCM decision strategy to use the right criteria and evaluate task types in the right way.
  7. Calculating task intervals for inspection tasks, replacement and revision tasks, combination tasks, functional test tasks.
  8. Including an extensive skiing session with the teacher on Hidden Faults.
  9. Contact via email, chat, skype, whatsapp with the instructor.
  10. On average, students need 12-16 hours of study time.
  11. Including online exam exercises.
  12. Including RCM Level 1 exam. 30 questions, 1 hour.
  13. All-in for € 545 ex VAT.
  14. Option: Re-exam € 175.

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