DORA Software

DORA Software is a tool for maintenance and reliability engineers to create maintenance plans that are exported to a CMMS.

Professional maintenance plans must cover the current maintenance requirements. The current maintenance requirement is the current failure behaviour.

Many companies struggle with the quality of maintenance plans. They carry out maintenance, they have maintenance plans and yet they do not have control of the failure behaviour. The result is unplanned downtime, costs and increased risks to quality, safety and the environment. Companies want to keep these unacceptable consequences under control. This cannot be achieved by linking maintenance plans only to assets or functional locations. Professional maintenance plans must cover the failure behaviour. The failure behaviour that affects costs, quality, downtime, safety, health and the environment.

Failure behaviour is recorded in an FMEA or FMECA. This is then passed through a decision strategy to create a maintenance concept that will manage that failure behaviour. But a maintenance concept is a theoretical model. This maintenance concept has to be nested into a practical maintenance plan that will be used to update your CMMS.

But… failure behaviour is not static. It is influenced by all kinds of dynamic factors. That’s why a maintenance plan is never finished as long as failure behaviour remains subject to change. Dynamic production processes have dynamic failure behaviour and this has to be maintained with dynamic maintenance plans.

And that is why DORA Software exists.
DORA = Dynamic Operational Reliability Analyser.

DORA uses up to three methods to make maintenance plans. Why three? Because highly critical systems need thorough and defensible maintenance plans. And low-critical systems can be maintained with fast superficial solutions. And possibly a mix of these two for medium critical systems.

The administration and management of failure behaviour is not possible in Excel. This requires a database. 16 international companies have joined forces with ERC to develop DORA Software.

Three versions are now available:

  • DORA Single User
    • Standard version
      • 1 methodology
        • Quick maintenance
    • Pro version
      • 3 methodologies:
        • Reliability-centred Maintenance
        • Object Driven Maintenance
        • Quick Maintenance
  • DORA Software Multi User
  • DORA Software Enterprise

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
There is already a DORA Software solution available for € 1.800 per year.