DORA Software Single User version.

From 1 November 2019, European Reliability Centre (ERC) B.V. will introduce two new DORA Single User versions. DORA Single User and DORA Single User Pro. The Single User contains the methodology QM (Quick Maintenance). In addition to QM, the Pro version contains two additional modules: RCM and ODM.

DORA Software exists almost 15 years. And just before that anniversary we introduce the new logo, the DORA Single User versions and within a few weeks also a new website.

DORA Software is a tool for maintenance and reliability engineers. The software is used to create professional maintenance plans, which can be exported to the CMMS.

DORA Single User

This version contains the QM (Quick Maintenance) methodology. QM is a fast methodology for creating maintenance concepts. In DORA these maintenance concepts can be nested into maintenance plans to export them to the CMMS.

  • Advantages:
    • operational within a few hours
    • very user-friendly
    • web-based, only an HTML5 browser required
    • secure login through 2FA (two factor authentication)
    • online backup
    • unlimited number of analyses
    • including support by email, phone, skype, chat, whatsapp
  • Training:
    • Includes an English manual
    • Optional training possible via skype, 1 on 1 or classroom
  • Methodology QM:
    • Accessible
    • Quick, easy
    • Import – optimize – export
    • Create new maintenance concepts
    • Existing maintenance concepts
    • Import – optimise – export
    • Upgrade possible to multi-user or enterprise version

This standard version costs € 1,800 per year.

DORA Single User Pro

The Pro version contains two additional modules:

  • RCM (Reliability-centred Maintenance)
  • ODM (Object Driven Maintenance).

RCM is ideally suited to create maintenance concepts for highly critical assets and production processes. RCM is the only method in the world that deals thoroughly and defensively with hidden failures of protective devices. In DORA the users are facilitated to do risk calculations, interval calculations and cost calculations.

The ODM methodology is a mix of RCM and QM and can be used for systems with a medium criticality.

Functionalities of the Single User Pro version

  • Standard Single User functionalities plus …
  • Three methods: RCM – ODM – QM
    • The full RCM methodology is included in this version. All steps according to the RCM standard are available.
      • Operational Context (extended version)
      • Summary RCM analysis
      • Additional fields for security systems
      • Process FMEA
      • Features
      • Functional Malfunctions
      • Moulds of interference
      • Interference Effects
      • Full RCM Decision Diagram
      • Selection of Interference Effects
      • State-dependent tasks
      • Periodic replacement tasks
      • Periodic revision tasks
      • Combination tasks
      • Test tasks
      • Mandatory modification
      • Desirable modification
      • Corrective tasks
    • Import – optimize – export of RCM analyses
    • Import – optimize – export of ODM analyses
    • Import – optimize – export of QM analyses
    • Reports
    • Training
      • Including online QM training
      • Including online RCM and ODM training
      • Optional RCM and ODM training in consultation
    • Support
      • Including email support, phone, skype, chat, whatsapp

This Pro version costs € 4,900 per year.

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