ERC specializes in coaching production companies to optimize failure behavior through professional maintenance plans. We offer the following c training courses.

We offer RCM training worldwide. Our online RCM training courses are used in more than 164 countries.

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Online training courses

  • Online RCM Level 1.
  • Online RCM Level 2 is only available in English. Contact us for details.

Classical training courses InHouse at your site.

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance
    • RCM Level 1: RCM workgroup member
    • RCM Level 2: RCM facilitator
    • RCM Level 3: RCM teacher
    • Object FME(C)A
    • Process FMEA
    • Risk Priority Numbering (RPN)
    • Criticality analysis
  • RCA (Root Cause Analysis)
  • Rolling bearing technology training course
  • Lubrication management
  • Alignment of rotating shafts
  • Thermography
  • Ultrasound

Online training

Online training courses are preferably suitable for people who want to do a training course in their own time and at their own pace. Our online training courses are fully focused on improving the efficiency of processes. That is why we offer the following online training courses…

Reliability Management training courses.

Reliability Management training courses focus on maintenance concepts that manage failure behavior. Participants will learn how to use different solutions to create maintenance concepts for high, medium and low-critical systems. For this purpose Risk Priority Numbering techniques are used to make criticality analyses. Maintenance concepts will be nested into Maintenance Plans which will upgrade the Maintenance Programs in the CMMS.

Maintenance influences failure behavior. This affects costs – quality – safety – health – environment – logistics – annoyance – motivation and other risks. Maximum returns can only be achieved if the failure behavior is under control. Everyone who influences and suffers from failure behavior is involved in analyses or a Reliability Management implementation.

The Reliability Management training courses are intended for management, production and technical staff.

Available training courses:

  • RCM (Reliability-centred Maintenance) Level 1 training course
  • RCM (Reliability-centred Maintenance) Level 2 training
  • FMEA / FMECA training
  • QM (Quick Maintenance) training
  • DORA Software training courses

Technical training

Technical training courses have been developed for employees who assemble, disassemble, analyse and inspect.

Available training courses:

  • Rolling Bearing Technology Course
  • Mounting and dismounting of rolling bearings
  • Lubrication management
  • Alignment of rotating shafts
  • Thermographic inspections
  • Ultrasonic inspection

Management workshops

Continuous improvement must be managed with special attention. With Management Workshops the management is informed about the steps that are taken and which the management can effectively implement Reliability Management methodologies like:

  • RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance)
  • ODM (Object Driven Maintenance)
  • QM (Quick Maintenance)
  • RCA (Root Cause Analysis)
  • Continuous Improvement

The Reliability Management workshop (4 hours) and is intended for factory managers.