RCM Training

RCM is a methodology that is used to create maintenance concepts for the failure behaviour of highly critical systems. We do not deal with this superficially. This failure behaviour often has serious consequences, which we have to maintain seriously.

We offer RCM training worldwide.Our online RCM training courses are used in more than 164 countries. Check https://www.ercbv.eu/en/training/ for all possibilities.

It costs a lot of money and has major consequences in areas such as safety, the environment, downtime and costs. RCM is the best answer worldwide to make defensible maintenance plans for highly critical systems.

But to make defensible maintenance plans that cover the current failure behavior of highly critical systems, attention to detail is required. In order to be able to describe the failure behavior properly, the terminology behind RCM needs to be mastered. With a terminology consisting of 32 definitions, it becomes clear how the mechanism behind the failure behavior is determined. Some definitions are close together and training is necessary to apply them properly.

RCM analyses are executed by working group analyses. The required information transcends software, data and departments and someone can never make a good RCM analysis on their own.

In RCM analyses, use is made of a working group that has been trained in Level 1. The working group is led by a Level 2 (RCM Facilitator). Together, all RCM steps are completed.

We offer RCM training courses which lead to RCM Levels 1-2-3-4.
– RCM Level 1: workgroup member
– RCM Level 2: RCM Facilitator
– RCM Level 3: RCM Teacher / Mentor / Coach
– RCM Level 4: RCM Examiner
Information about our RCM courses can be found here.