DORA Software, Single User, 1 year, QM

This package includes:

  • 1 year web-based DORA Software. 30 minutes online TEAMS training included.
  • 1 methodology QM (Quick Maintenance).
    • QM uses the thought ware of Reliability Centered Maintenance. It is not so rigoureus and time consuming as RCM. QM is a streamlined RCM tool. QM can be up to 10x faster than RCM.
    • QM should not be used for high critical processes. use RCM for those. QM is used for low and medium critical processes.
    • With QM you are able to:
      • Import your functional location lis
      • Import your asset
      • Add failure modes and failure effect
      • Select maintenance tasks and calculate task intervals
      • The maintenance concept can be nested into a maintenance plan and exported to a .csv file
      • Download and print a standard QM report as PDF.
  • 1 user account.
    • Safe and secure. DORA uses SSL certificates. This means the connection is secure and all data transfer to and from DORA is encrypted.
    • The user can setup an extra safe setup, using 2FA ( Two Factor Authentication). Just download an 2FA app (Like Google Authenticator or similar) to your mobile and setup the 2FA in DORA. Only the user is able to login.

QM maintenance uses the RCM terminology. We encourage QM users to fully understand RCM before using QM. To be at least RCM Level 1 certified is strongly advised.

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DORA Software - Single User - QM - 1 year
€ 2286,90


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