DORA Software Pro, Single User, 1 year.

This package includes RCM + ODM + QM tools

  • 1 year web-based DORA Software. 60 minutes online TEAMS training included.
  • 3 methodologies
    • RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance)
      • This RCM module is 100% according to the International RCM standards JA1011 / JA1012. It uses a process FMEA and the full RCM decision logic.
      • It uses all RCM definitions.
      • Operating Context
      • Functions
      • Functional failures
      • Failure modes
      • Failures Effect
      • Failure consequences
      • Proactive tasks
        • On condition tasks including task interval calculation
        • Discard tasks including task interval calculation
        • restoration tasks including task interval calculation
        • Combination tasks (for SHE consequences) including task interval calculation
      • Reactive tasks
        • Failure finding tasks including task interval calculation
        • Run to failure tasks
        • Mandatory one time changes
        • Desirable one time changes
    • ODM (Object Driven Maintenance)
      • ODM is a mix of QM FMEA and RCM decision logic.
    • QM (Quick Maintenance).
      • QM uses the thought ware of Reliability Centered Maintenance. It is not so rigoureus and time consuming as RCM. QM is a streamlined RCM tool. QM can be up to 10x faster than RCM.
      • QM should not be used for high critical processes. use RCM for those. QM is used for low and medium critical processes.
        • With QM you are able to:
          • Import your functional location lis
          • Import your asset
          • Add failure modes and failure effect
          • Select maintenance tasks and calculate task intervals
    • The RCM + ODM + QM maintenance concepts can be nested into a maintenance plan and exported to a .csv file
    • Download and print standard reports as PDF.
  • 1 user account.
    • Safe and secure. DORA uses SSL certificates. This means the connection is secure and all data transfer to and from DORA is encrypted.
    • The user can setup an extra safe setup, using 2FA ( Two Factor Authentication). Just download an 2FA app (Like Google Authenticator or similar) to your mobile and setup the 2FA in DORA. Only the user is able to login.

RCM + ODM + QM use the RCM terminology. We encourage users to fully understand RCM before using DORA methodologies. For QM we strongly advise to be at least RCM Level 1 certified. To use RCM the user should be RCM Level 2 certified.

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DORA Software - Single User - QM - 1 year
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