The European RCM Certification Committee changes its name to International RCM Certification Committee due to increased international work outside Europe. IRCC website:

The IRCC has a team of examiners that certify students for

  • RCM Level 1
  • RCM Level 2
  • RCM Level 3

according to the RCM world standard SAE JA1011 and SAE JA1012.

RCM Level 1

  • workgroup delegate
  • understands the RCM definitions
  • understands how the Operational Context is created
  • understands how a process FMEA is created
  • has a global understanding how the RCM decision strategy works
  • has a global understanding how continuous improvement works
  • is able to develop a Quick Maintenance (QM) maintenance concept


RCM Level 2

  • high quality knowledge of developing maintenance concepts > maintenance plans > maintenance programs > continuous improvement of C.A.R.E.
    • C.A.R.E. = Cost + Availability + Reliability + Efficiency / Effectiveness
  • is able to manage multiple workgroups developing maintenance concepts with RCM – ODM – QM methodologies
  • makes weekly / monthly reports
  • uses MPE (Maintenance Program Effectiveness) for continuous improvement of ALL factors that influence C.A.R.E.
  • is able to implement RCM – ODM – QM
  • For senior operators, mechanics, process specialist, maintenance & reliability engineers / managers


RCM Level 3

  • RCM teacher and consultant


DORA software complies with the standards which are developed by IRCC.