DORA is software to optimise existing- and develop new maintenance plans.

Existing maintenance plans:

  • Import existing maintenance plans from your CMMS / MS Excel or from your supplier and update your FME(C)A with new failure data. The decision strategies in DORA help you to make better maintenance concepts. DORA facilitates you with nesting these maintenance concepts into maintenance plans and export them to your CMMS in order to maintain your maintenance programs and “Become Better Each Day”.

New maintenance plans:

  • Use DORA where no maintenance plans are available. Use Risk Priority Numbering to execute Criticality analysis and create an overview of high – medium – low critical processes / assets / systems.
  • High critical processes need the methodology Reliability-centred Maintenance.
  • For medium critical DORA advises Object Driven Maintenance.
  • For low critical processes / assets / systems Quick Maintenance is available.
  • These 3 methodologies build a new maintenance concept. This concept is nested to a maintenance plan and exported to the maintenance program in your CMMS.
  • Regularly update and maintain your maintenance plans with new failure and solution data so the FME(C)A’s in DORA describe the ACTUAL failure behaviour of your production plant.
  • More info on www.dorasoftware.comĀ 

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