Reliability Centered Maintenance is by far the best methodology available to develop maintenance concepts and plans.

RCM started in 1978. 13 years later it was optimized to RCM2 and 13 years after that, RCM2 was optimized to Dynamic RCM. In 2004 the RCM software “DORA” was introduced and in September this year (2016) the new RCM approach in DORA will be introduced to the world.  It is called DORA 4.

DORA 4 will become available in many languages. Each and everybody can start learning and trying with the Free version of DORA 4. This free version will increase the discussion about professional maintenance concepts and plans.

And more will happen. With DORA 4 maintenance concepts and plans will be maintained too. Especially developed for dynamic production processes where daily improvements have to be realized.

DORA 4 will help realize our mission: improve knowledge about maintenance concepts and plans worldwide in education, consultancy and industry. DORA 4 is typically about “Worldwide RCM”.

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